Please read and agree to the terms of use.

Terms of use and rules of the game

  1. Conduct of sessions

Bingo Kashin is like any bingo that takes place in a hall or on the radio. The sessions are led by an assisted animator who explains the process, announces the games and the prizes, and reveals the balls that come out of the abacus. The balls are also displayed visually on the Bingo Kashin website. Players call the host when game goals are met and the host verifies and confirms the winners.

The conduct of Bingo is organized in such a way as to be able to manage the gap that may occur between the radio broadcast and the Internet so as not to harm the players.

  1. Eligibility

Players must be 18 years of age or older to participate in Bingo Kashin and win prizes. Bingo Kashin reserves the right to require proof or commitments of eligibility when purchasing game cards and claiming prizes.

  1. Precedence of rules and conditions

The rules and conditions for playing Bingo Kashin, as described on this page, take precedence over any other document or interpretation. Bingo Kashin reserves the right to modify these game rules and conditions at any time. Any changes to the rules and conditions take effect when they are posted on this page and will be announced at the start of each weekly bingo session. Players are therefore invited to visit this page on a regular basis.

  1. Bingo Kashin broadcast

Bingo Kashin is broadcast from 6.30 p.m. to 7.45 p.m. every Sunday on the Internet from this website and also on the airwaves of participating radios that are members of the SOCAM network (see section “participating radios”). Players have no additional advantage in choosing either way of playing Bingo Kashin. Bingo Kashin can in no way be held responsible for delays in transmission of bingo attributable to Internet service providers or local broadcasters and thus disclaims all liability relating to the loss of a prize due to these situations beyond its control. control.

  1. Delay or delay

In the event of a breakdown of public services (electricity and telephone) or of the Internet network lasting less than 15 minutes, Bingo Kashin begins or resumes its operation within a maximum period of 20 minutes and continues depending on the delay incurred. If a failure lasts more than 15 minutes, the game is interrupted or canceled. Unless otherwise specified, the entire part or the uncompleted part is resumed the following week, the cards remaining valid.

  1. Buying maps on the Internet

Cards can be purchased to play Bingo Kashin from this website until 6:00 p.m. Sunday evening, which is 30 minutes before the start of each session. To be able to buy cards, it is essential to create an individual account. Players agree to provide accurate information when creating their account and to update it if any change occurs in the information it contains over time. Players also agree to be honest in their declaration confirming their eligibility.

Following the creation of their account, players can access it using their individual identification number and password in order to proceed with the purchase of their cards. Given the eligibility rules, the account must be used only by its holder and accesses must not be disclosed to a third party, either voluntarily or involuntarily, under penalty of revocation.

  1. Purchase of cards from participating radio stations

Cards can be purchased to play Bingo Kashin directly from participating radio stations by visiting their offices. The sales times for participating stations are broadcast locally, but in theory they can sell cards until 6 p.m. Sunday evening, or 30 minutes before the start of each screening. Participating radios are able to issue printed cards which are authenticated and become valid the moment they are printed.

  1. Management of the individual account

All information and operations carried out from the individual account are the responsibility of the player and Bingo Kashin can in no way be held responsible for bad decisions, purchases made in error or intrusion by a third party in the management of the account. . Bingo Kashin invites all players to act and play responsibly.

All Visa credit cards and debit cards can be used to complete transactions in the individual account.

  1. Rules of the game

As soon as a player has a bingo, that is to say that he meets the conditions of the game in progress, he must call the host at 1-800-XXX-XXXX

The game is over when a winner is officially declared online and on the air. From the announcement of a winner, any other winner has two minutes to contact the host, failing which his bingo will not be recognized.

Prizes for each game are shared equally among known winners within the specified time frame, regardless of the order in which they won.

  1. Confirmation and awarding of prizes

The winners of each game are confirmed by the hosts after card verification, and the names are revealed online and on the air. The disclosure of the name of the winner (s) is accompanied by the amounts since the prize of the game is divided equally among all the winners.

Winners consent to the publication of their name and area of ​​residence by Bingo Kashin in order to demonstrate its transparency and promote the integrity of its operations.

The winners will have the choice of how to cash their prize according to their preference: by check sent by mail or by bank transfer. The winners have twelve months to collect their prize, after which the unclaimed prizes will be returned to the cumulative.

Bingo Kashin reserves the right to require all required proof of identity and eligibility from winners before paying them their prize.

  1. Major prize

For all prizes of $ 10,000 or more, Bingo Kashin will request proof of identity and eligibility, and reserves the right to verify with third parties prior to awarding prizes.

  1. Revocation of the right to play

Bingo Kashin reserves the right to revoke the right to play temporarily or permanently for any player who does not comply with the rules of the game or the conditions of use described on this page. Bingo Kashin also reserves the right to revoke the right to play temporarily or permanently from any player who exhibits discourteous behavior, inappropriate behavior or makes violent comments towards any representative acting on behalf of Bingo Kashin. In addition to revoking playing rights, Bingo Kashin may refuse to pay out prizes in extreme cases involving fraud and any other behavior that may cast doubt on the integrity of the bingo sessions, the prize-award process or of the general organization of Bingo Kashin.

  1. Disclaimer for computer problems

By creating an account and agreeing to play Bingo Kashin, each player releases Bingo Kashin from any responsibility in the event of computer or technical problems attributable to the computer equipment, applications or software that he uses as well as the supplier (s). from which he obtains his Internet access. Bingo Kashin assumes no responsibility for problems not directly falling under its activities and its control which could prevent a player from following the broadcast of the sessions or viewing the playing cards as well as any other problem preventing the player from fully participating. at bingo.

  1. Limitation of liability

Bingo Kashin as well as its administrators and any person directly mandated by the corporation disclaims all civil and financial liability for any loss or other damage of any kind related to the use of this site to participate in its bingos, from the impossibility of '' access or use the site, in particular in the event of:

  1. Failure, defect or destruction of the computer systems used in connection with the purchase of Bingo Kashin cards and the dissemination of Bingo Kashin on the site;
  2. Delay or delay, whatever the causes, which prevents anyone from creating an account, from having access to it, from participating in Bingo Kashin;
  3. All cases of force majeure resulting from an unforeseeable and irresistible event due to circumstances external to the parties and which prevents Bingo Kashin from operating its bingo temporarily or permanently;
  4. Due to any failure, delay or other similar circumstance attributable to a third party involved in the provision of services including banking and financial institutions and providers of telecommunications services or equipment.

The players who participate in Bingo Kashin recognize and support the mission of the organization and accept that it can modify the rules, conditions of use of the site and, if necessary, cease operating its bingo if it does not. not allow it to achieve its objectives related to the promotion of artists and the influence of the culture of the Innu and Atikamekw First Nations.